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Frequency Asked Questions - Clients

Q: Why should I use First Choice Recruitment?

A:  First Choice Recruitment was set up in 1993 so has many many years of experience and have Account Managers with an in-depth knowledge of the skills and geographic area that they recruit for.  We are based locally in Wakefield and focus on the Yorkshire area. 
We look to raise the standards bar in the industry by working in true partnership with our clients.   

Q: How do you recruit for people?

A: We take away the recruitment headache from you so that you can spend your time doing your day job. We pride ourselves on sourcing fully
screened and interviewed candidates, sending only the very best candidates to you.  We manage the entire recruitment process from advertising to candidate start – whether that be a permanent or temporary role.  We start this process by meeting you so we have a full and thorough understanding of the job role, your culture and the type of people you have in your team. 

Q:  Can I work with more than one agency?

A:  If you want to you can but it can lead to confusion particularly where duplicate CV’s are presented.  We do offer discounted rates for
exclusivity on a permanent role.

Q:  How much does it cost to advertise with you?

A:  The recruitment process is completely free – there is no charge for us to advertise your vacancy.  You will only pay a fee once someone starts
with you.

Q:  Do you handle large volume recruitment campaigns?

A:  Absolutely, we can handle any job role from a week’s holiday cover to 100+ workers in a factory or contact centre.  We work in partnership
with you and that one week’s holiday cover is as important to us as the 100 temporary workers in a contact centre.

Q: Does it have to be large volume recruitment?

A: We’re here to support you whether your need is for one new colleague or many, whether you are one of the country’s many SME’s who are driving the economy forward or you’re one of our Blue Chip Multinationals – all our business partners are equally important to us.