The Team

Ellie Walker


Jonathan Gaunt

Account Manager

Anne Lockwood

Managing Partner

​One of the two owners of First Choice, Anne’s main role is keeping business partner Andy in check! She leads on compliance, keeping us up to date with relevant legislation and making sure everything is running smoothly. She claims not to have any spare time and then lists her hobbies as spending time with her lovely grandson Sam, being a school governor, and spending time at her holiday home in Northern Italy. On Anne’s bucket list is doing an A-Z of city breaks – she’s done 12 so far!

Andy Turner

Managing Partner

​One of the two First Choice’s owners, with a 50% shareholding, although Andy says his half of the company is smaller than Anne’s! He leads on our Industrial division and loves to work on improving our relationships with and service to clients. When he’s not in the office you might find Andy on the terraces at Burnley Football Club (poor guy), playing golf, or walking his dog with the family. He is the founder of the WACCL (Wakefield’s Annual Children Charity Lunch) and of Wakefield Works, a scheme to inspire the district’s unemployed.

Jayne Dale

Business Manager

​One third of Team Industrial, Jayne is the office Del Boy, describing her main responsibilities as “bit of this, bit of that…” and her best professional skill as talking a lot. She loves being out and about visiting clients and works closely with the other two Team Industrial members, Joanna W and Lynne. When she’s not at work you’ll find her our with her husband and hyper Jack Russell, Freddie, horse riding, eating out or drinking gin.

Heidi Wood

Account Manager - Perm

​A key member in our Commercial and Permanent division, Heidi spends her time liaising with clients to make sure we can give them a seamless service, matching the perfect candidates to their roles. One of our longest-serving members of the team, Heidi has been with First Choice for more than a decade. Outside of work you’ll find her keeping fit, mainly by cycling and helping her kids with their sports training. She also has a bit of an eye for interior design.

Joanna Gornicka

Account Manager - Office

​Working closely with Heidi, Joanna G is part of Team Commercial. She spends her time at work registering candidates, helping them find suitable roles and liaising with clients about their requirements. With a Masters in engineering, environmental protection and development, Joanna is ideally placed to help our commercial clients. She loves a good book, socialising with friends and spending time with her children.

Joanna Kurowska

Account Manager - Industrial

​One of our Industrial account managers, Joanna’s time at work is mainly spent interviewing candidates, texting her husband and keepingLynne and Jayne in check. She has leadership skills (some people say bossy, we don’t!) and seems to have magic powers to conjure up the right people for a jobat short notice. Outside of work she cooks delectable Polish goodies, spends time with friends and having lots of cuddles from her new baby Hanna, born March 2020!​

Clare Haywood

Finance and Admin Manager

​Another office ace, Clare is our finance and admin manager.Be nice to her – she’s responsible for making sure everyone gets paid. She describes her specialist skills as giving and demanding money plus being handy with a calculator! Outside of work Clare is busy with her two children and her “favourite member of the family”, Penny the dog. She loves a good soak in the bath, walks with the family and going out with childhood sweetheart and husband John, often to see a good musical.

Hannah Smith

Resource Administrator

​Hannah’s official title is Resource Administrator but think of her as one of the office aces. She’s the go-to tech guru and handles all things admin such as keeping candidate records in the right place and posting jobs on social media. Hannah’s might be the first smiley face you see when you walk through the door (it could also be Joanne or Clare). If she’s not here you might find her at a gig, at home with her partner, or chilling with friends.

Jo Hill


​Another of our friendly faces on reception is Jo Jo. You might speak to her on the phone or she could answer your email as she’s one ofour fabulous office aces. Working closely with Hannah she makes sure everythingruns smoothly for candidates. When she’s not taking care of us in the office you’ll fine Jo travelling, on coastal walks or maybe even dancing! Family is very important to her, and she loves spending time with her gorgeous nephew.