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Frequently Asked Questions - Candidates

Q: What should I do if I am unable to get to work for sickness or any other reason?

A: You must contact your consultant immediately so we can inform our client. Between 8am and 5pm call the office on 01924 201155. Outside of office hours: Industrial out of hours number: 07736 004367 / Office out of hours number: 07399 414471.

Q: If I need to take time off to attend an interview whilst temping what should I do?

A: you need to inform your Consultant so that they are able to let our client know. Please give us as much notice as possible, and try wherever possible to organise interviews after work or during lunch breaks.

Q: Do I get paid for holidays?

A: Yes, of course. Your annual entitlement is 5.6 weeks (28 days, which includes Bank Holidays), pro rata if you don't work for us for a full year. You start accruing Holiday Pay from your first day of work. In order to get your holiday pay you will need to submit a Holiday Pay Request Form (download one from Candidates / Holiday Pay Form). Further information regarding holidays can be found in your Candidate Handbook which you were given at interview.

Q: What are the payroll deadlines?

A: You will get a Timesheet from us for each week that you work. You need to record your hours on a daily basis then calculate the total hours to the nearest quarter hour at the end of the week. It is essential that you get the Timesheet signed by the client. We need your signed Timesheet in to our Wakefield office on a Monday morning no later than 10am in order to process your wage into the bank by Friday. It is your responsibility to get the Timesheet to us by the deadline. If for any reason you don't receive a Timesheet, please either ring the office or go onto our website at www.firstchoice-uk.com to download one.

Q: When will I get paid?

A: You will be paid one week in arrears on a Friday, directly into your bank account via BACS.​

Q: When will I receive my payslip?

A: Wage slips will be send no later than 5pm on Wednesdays via e-mail, unless your have specifically requested a posted payslip. In this case you will receive a printed copy no later than Friday. It is important that you keep your wage slips in a safe place; you may require the information on them at a later date. Unfortunately there is a charge for the production of duplicate payslips.

Q: Do I have to give notice when I intend to leave?

A: You are working under a Contract for Services and as such are not required to give any notice although it would be courteous to do so, in order that we are able to complete final paperwork with your last wage.

Q: Do I have to pay you to find me a job?

A: Absolutely not - our services to you are completely free of charge. In fact all you have to do is come in to see us, get registered (following a face to face interview) and then we endeavour to find you work - easy!

Q: Why should I use an agency to find me a Job?

A: These days most companies use the services of a recruitment agency to fill their jobs - be temporary or permanent, we will have a very varied selection of positions to fill. We have long standing relationships with our clients so much so that in most cases they trust and value the candidates we put forward so you don't even have to go for an interview.

Q: I applied for a position through your website or a job board - what happens next?

A: We look at all CV's to find the very best candidates for our clients and find that perfect job for you. If your CV shows us that you have the right skills, experience and attributes then we will get in touch with you (phone, email, text) and invite you in for an interview with us.

Q: I sent my CV to you and I have not heard back yet?

A: As you can imagine we receive loads of CV's every day and whilst we try to respond to every CV, sometimes it is just impossible due to the volume of CV's. If you have not heard from us within a few days then it is likely that you have not been shortlisted. However, please give us a call and we can talk you through why you may have not made that shortlist.